Sunday, February 24, 2008

ASIA Landrush continues with new Promo for 6 Euros!

The .Asia Landrush start is a huge success (see DotASIA’s Press-release)! For those who missed the first day Landrush Promo, now is the chance to catch up with a new promotional code offered by ASIADNS/EURODNS that allows you to get the .ASIA for only 6 Euros* and this for the next 7 days.

The Promo Code is: 6ASIA21 (valid from now till only the 28th February 10AM UTC). Application for .ASIA domains can only be submitted via the new EuroDNS / AsiaDNS portal at

Not only does EuroDNS/AsiaDNS offers the best possible price for the .Asia Domain Registration, but as AsiaDNS is the registry for domains, AsiaDNS/EuroDNS offers for every succesfully registered .asia domain also the same domain in for free (with a 1year free registration).

For any questions, please contact

For people who want to submit a high quantity of domains (more than 100), please contact and send your lists to:

Here are further details about the Landrush:

The Landrush period went from 20th February to 12th March.

It is NOT a “first come first serve” Landrush. No domain will be assigned by the registry till the end of the Landrush. The registry will accept more than one application per domain.

All domains that have been applied for more than once (where at least two persons applied for the same name) will enter into an auction. The auction starts (after the landrush period) between the persons who applied for the domain (no open auction). All persons whose domain(s) enter in an auction process will be informed and will be able to see who they are bidding against. The auction will last a few days and the bidding will be done through the EuroDNs /AsiaDNS account (

All domain names that only got one application during the Landrush will be registered to the registrant without any auction at the end of the Landrush period.

Good Luck to all!

Xavier Buck
EuroDNS / AsiaDNS

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